Angel Card

Oracle card Doreen Virtue
Oracle card
Doreen Virtue
Many people are very worried about the future. I would say that I belong in that group, but I also don’t want to get sucked up in the negativity and toxicity of what is happening.

I pledge for peace, light, and love.

Today, I was thinking, I’m sure there are a lot of other people out there feeling like me. In times of question, I’ve found comfort in my angel cards, so I decided to pull one for all of us.

Astara, is the card that came forth. Astara comes to us from one of Doreen Virtue’s oracle card collection.

The card says:

“You deserve the best! Reach for the stars with your dreams and desires, and don’t compromise.”

I think this card is perfect for what is happening. The angels are reminding that us that we are deserving. Now, and more than ever, we cannot compromise. We cannot give up on our dreams.

Continue to chase what makes you happy. Continue to go after those pursuits that make your soul sing with joy.

If everyone could achieve their goals, think about how much happier people would be. How much more fulfilled they would feel.

We create our reality. Create an awesome one for yourself.
Your angels are surrounding you, cheering you on.

Take care!


J0284916 I love my children. In fact, so much so that I would probably do just about anything for them. Having kids changed me as a person and the change was instantaneous. I went from the sheer agony of birthing the baby to pure, ecstatic love the moment my babies were placed in my arms.

Having kids made me realize that my heart had infinite capabilities for love.
Having kids made me realize the fierceness and protectiveness I never knew I had.

And now that my children are getting bigger (12 and 7), I often question my sanity and my capacity for “murder.” LOL! I have awesome kids. Both boys are affectionate, loving, confident, stubborn, and spirited. The energies that come off of them is in over abundance. At times the over-abundant energy is great, sometimes… not so much.

Me and the Hubs, we want to do right. We want to do our part to raise good boys who grow into good men. But, holy moley, there are times when these boys run us ragged. I’ve come to realize in these last few weeks of arguing and of tears that even when it seems like I can’t do it anymore, there is more, and I just have to dig deep.

I have to trust that what we’ve taught our boys so far is in there somewhere — floating around in their minds, amidst their ego driven desires to take over our house. Hahaha! One day, my husband and I may just give in and hand them the keys to the house, but not yet and not today. We all still have much to learn from each other and we’re all growing together as a family.

Despite the days of yelling and wondering what happened to my children’s brains, there is deep, deep love between all of us.

Having kids has made me question my sanity.
Having kids has given me the privileged of seeing what unconditional love truly looks like.


1419862788k6xq4 I should be writing my next book, but I’m finding that many things are getting in the way. I can say that I’m a busy wife and mom; that I have a lot of responsibilities; that I don’t have time, and whatever other reason comes to me at the time.

But truth is, my fear is keeping me from moving forward.

It’s like the picture on this post, but instead of me being one of the two people at the end of a dark street, I’m at the other end — looking ahead, but not taking a step to move. I’m too fearful of what may come at me. I’m too fearful of the things hiding in the shadows. I’m too fearful of the things I can’t see. (long sigh).

I’m doing something about it. Finally. I’ve mentioned before I’m re-evaluating and this is an area I’m working on. I realize that I may always be fearful. It’s just how I’m built. I’m a worrier. Everyone I know tells me so. But maybe I can learn to push through these fears and push beyond my comfort zone. I have to. How can I possibly expect the Universe to trust me with their gifts, when I can’t even trust myself?

It’s time to grow and evolve 🙂

It’s all good

file000370427840 Lately, the Universe has been trying to tell me something. The good thing is that I’ve actually been listening.

You see, the last few years for me has been difficult to say the least. I was caught in a spin cycle of financial worries, health worries over family members, stress from the job, on and on and on. There have been many days, when I would just break down crying. I’m a tough cookie, but even I reached my limits. I felt defeated, beat up, and I couldn’t see a way out. My perspective on life got bleaker and bleaker.

Today, my situation is a little bit better, but the problems are not gone. They are still there, but what changed is me. I stopped fighting. I stopped chasing. I finally got it through my thick skull that I can’t prevent or undo certain things. God is mightier than I. Not that I ever thought I was, but in my stubbornness to do things my way, I was basically saying I was better than God! Sheez! I never realized I was such an ego-maniac. LOL!

After getting my bum whooped, I have chosen to trust, let go, and let God.

Since doing that I keep getting these messages that in the midst of darkness, brightness will come.
That I’ll be okay, but more than that, everything else will be okay. The lesson is that “it’s all good!” even when things seem like they can’t get any worse, there is a reason to trust and let go. Because in that difficulty, the other side is glory.

I’m taking a deep breath and I’m stepping back and allowing the Universe to help me. I’m opening up and letting go of the resistance to do things my way.

I have not seen the glory yet, but I’m already seeing the light break through the shadows I’ve been surrounded by for so long. It is all good and I believe it will keep getting better 🙂

Take care, don’t give up, and keep believing.
We are supported by infinite blessings. Sometimes, we just don’t understand the mode of transport for those blessing to reveal themselves.

Live Inspired

candle It seems in the past few years, I’ve lit this virtual candle too many times for my own comfort to honor the memories of those I’ve lost.

With each loss, the prevailing thought in my mind was always feeling like my loved ones time was not long enough and it makes me regretful and sad. Then I look and I see my children thriving and that brings me out of my stupor and I tell myself I gotta do better. I gotta live and do right — for my kids, for my family… because if my time is cut short, my wish is that I would have made even a small positive difference somehow — especially with my kids.

This video was shared with me and it is so true to what I’ve been feeling that I had to share it as well. I hope this gives you the inspiration it gave me 🙂


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