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Don’t be a headless chicken

Wow!  I am so excited!  This is my very first post on my very first website! I hope you enjoy this and keep coming back.

Lesson I want to share:  DON’T BE A HEADLESS CHICKEN

It must be a standard issue for us moms to tell our kids to keep trying and to do their best.  Does this same mantra work for us too?  At times with the pressures and demands placed on us from running a household, to holding down a job, and keeping up with our family’s activities…the “try” is exhausted out of us.

Yes, every mom out there wants to be the Super-Mom, who can leap from one task to another in a single bound.  All the while keeping a perfectly plastered smile on her face as she gallantly accepts one more “project” from the kids’ school or work or some other activity.  We don’t say no and we keep trying to hold it all together.

My point is we moms stretch ourselves so thin that there’s often not much left of us–for ourselves.  Doesn’t it feel like when you take a break, you feel like you’re doing something wrong?  Doesn’t it feel like in order for you to be recognized as a “good mom” that your calendar has to be completely filled in?

Running around like a headless chicken will not do you or your family any good.  Headless chickens are scary and have no direction.   Headless chickens are able to move purely because of ‘left overs’ from the nervous system.  When the nervous system finally releases all of its information, that’s when the chicken stops in its tracks–dead.

The headless chicken analogy is much like us moms who make it a habit of running on empty.  We go, go, go until there’s nothing left.  We start going on auto-pilot and really have no sense of what is going on anymore.    We are not engaged in the activities we’re involved in, but rather we’re just there and just trying to get by.

Who says that we have to be so busy that we don’t even have time to think?  If you ask me I think this is a standard that we moms have put on ourselves unnecessarily.  So let’s stop it!  Let’s stop being headless chickens.

Instead let’s find a happy, healthy balance where we have time for our family and ourselves.  A refreshed, rested, and relaxed you is going to be a much better mom and wife (or partner) than the crazy headless-chicken mom.

Let’s think about this.  When you are at your wit’s end, aren’t you short-tempered and snippy?  Admit, don’t you start posturing like a chicken too?  You know, you probably start sticking out your neck while you do that mama-head-roll-with-an-attitude move, while you  got one hand poised up on your hip.  The other arm might be too busy waving around pointing out all the mistakes and messes that you’ve been left to deal with.  LOL!   Let’s face it, being a chicken head isn’t any fun.  It’s very stressful–physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

So, go on.  Take a deep breath and release the stress.  Go take that leisurely bath you’ve been wanting to take.  Go shopping–retail therapy, my friends!  Go gardening.  Go to the movies.  Do whatever you feel will nourish you and will put a smile back on your face and when you are done re-energizing yourself, come back to your family renewed.

Wishing you bliss in your life.  Till the next time. . .