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Bucket List

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while, but I kept hesitating. I don’t know why. Maybe because a part of me doesn’t really want to publicly broadcast a part of my dreams?

I don’t know. But it kept nagging at me and I couldn’t ignore it any longer, so here goes.

As of today, this is my Bucket List. It changes as I get other ideas, but that’s the fun thing about it. It evolves with me.

1. Travel–I want to go and visit the world’s beautiful libraries. I see pictures on Facebook all the time and every time I see one of these old libraries filled to the brim with books, it takes my breath away. I want to see a few in person and smell all those old books, and touch the books, and get lost wandering the aisles.

2. Zip line — I want to zip line at least once and feel what it’s like to fly. I’ve done a tandem parachute jump before and that was exhilarating! But I don’t think I could do it again. Going up 10,000 feet in the air and jumping out scares me now. LOL!

3. See an actual play or show on Broadway.

4. Family Tree — This doesn’t sound exciting, but it’s important to me. I want to complete a genealogy tree of my family. It would be fantastic, if I could complete both sides. But, the way it’s going right now, I can’t even get one side started. I might have to travel for this too.

5. Take a gondola ride in Venice, Italy. Not Las Vegas! LOL!

6. Learn to fly a helicopter 🙂

It’s a short list for now 🙂 I’m glad I did this. I had a smile on my face the whole time I was typing. It’s fun to dream and fun to share. I don’t know why I was scared about doing this post.

Keep dreaming my friends!