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It’s all good

file000370427840 Lately, the Universe has been trying to tell me something. The good thing is that I’ve actually been listening.

You see, the last few years for me has been difficult to say the least. I was caught in a spin cycle of financial worries, health worries over family members, stress from the job, on and on and on. There have been many days, when I would just break down crying. I’m a tough cookie, but even I reached my limits. I felt defeated, beat up, and I couldn’t see a way out. My perspective on life got bleaker and bleaker.

Today, my situation is a little bit better, but the problems are not gone. They are still there, but what changed is me. I stopped fighting. I stopped chasing. I finally got it through my thick skull that I can’t prevent or undo certain things. God is mightier than I. Not that I ever thought I was, but in my stubbornness to do things my way, I was basically saying I was better than God! Sheez! I never realized I was such an ego-maniac. LOL!

After getting my bum whooped, I have chosen to trust, let go, and let God.

Since doing that I keep getting these messages that in the midst of darkness, brightness will come.
That I’ll be okay, but more than that, everything else will be okay. The lesson is that “it’s all good!” even when things seem like they can’t get any worse, there is a reason to trust and let go. Because in that difficulty, the other side is glory.

I’m taking a deep breath and I’m stepping back and allowing the Universe to help me. I’m opening up and letting go of the resistance to do things my way.

I have not seen the glory yet, but I’m already seeing the light break through the shadows I’ve been surrounded by for so long. It is all good and I believe it will keep getting better 🙂

Take care, don’t give up, and keep believing.
We are supported by infinite blessings. Sometimes, we just don’t understand the mode of transport for those blessing to reveal themselves.