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J0284916 I love my children. In fact, so much so that I would probably do just about anything for them. Having kids changed me as a person and the change was instantaneous. I went from the sheer agony of birthing the baby to pure, ecstatic love the moment my babies were placed in my arms.

Having kids made me realize that my heart had infinite capabilities for love.
Having kids made me realize the fierceness and protectiveness I never knew I had.

And now that my children are getting bigger (12 and 7), I often question my sanity and my capacity for “murder.” LOL! I have awesome kids. Both boys are affectionate, loving, confident, stubborn, and spirited. The energies that come off of them is in over abundance. At times the over-abundant energy is great, sometimes… not so much.

Me and the Hubs, we want to do right. We want to do our part to raise good boys who grow into good men. But, holy moley, there are times when these boys run us ragged. I’ve come to realize in these last few weeks of arguing and of tears that even when it seems like I can’t do it anymore, there is more, and I just have to dig deep.

I have to trust that what we’ve taught our boys so far is in there somewhere — floating around in their minds, amidst their ego driven desires to take over our house. Hahaha! One day, my husband and I may just give in and hand them the keys to the house, but not yet and not today. We all still have much to learn from each other and we’re all growing together as a family.

Despite the days of yelling and wondering what happened to my children’s brains, there is deep, deep love between all of us.

Having kids has made me question my sanity.
Having kids has given me the privileged of seeing what unconditional love truly looks like.