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1419862788k6xq4 I should be writing my next book, but I’m finding that many things are getting in the way. I can say that I’m a busy wife and mom; that I have a lot of responsibilities; that I don’t have time, and whatever other reason comes to me at the time.

But truth is, my fear is keeping me from moving forward.

It’s like the picture on this post, but instead of me being one of the two people at the end of a dark street, I’m at the other end — looking ahead, but not taking a step to move. I’m too fearful of what may come at me. I’m too fearful of the things hiding in the shadows. I’m too fearful of the things I can’t see. (long sigh).

I’m doing something about it. Finally. I’ve mentioned before I’m re-evaluating and this is an area I’m working on. I realize that I may always be fearful. It’s just how I’m built. I’m a worrier. Everyone I know tells me so. But maybe I can learn to push through these fears and push beyond my comfort zone. I have to. How can I possibly expect the Universe to trust me with their gifts, when I can’t even trust myself?

It’s time to grow and evolve 🙂